Written by Mallory Lor, C.Ped

How is diabetic footwear different

Today is National DNA Day, which commemorates the discovery of the DNA double helix and the completion of the human genome project in 2003. You are probably thinking, why is a diabetic shoe company writing about this? Well, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about the DNA of diabetic shoes and diabetic socks.

What is in the DNA of a diabetic (or therapeutic) shoe? Medicare has some basic criteria when it comes to diabetic shoes:

  • Additional depth in the shoe of 3/16” (to accommodate a foot insert): Dr. Comfort® shoes are all made with at least 7/16” additional depth and in our “double depth” collection 11/16”.
  • Available in half sizes and at least 3 widths: Dr. Comfort® shoes are all available in half sizes and come in Medium, Wide and Extra Wide widths. The women’s Paradise Black is available in a Narrow width.
  • Constructed with leather or other suitable materials: All Dr. Comfort® shoes are made of high quality, breathable materials with most of the casual and dress collection styles made with real leather. Dr. Comfort® offers a wool collection (Sean, Dawn, Liam, Meadow, Autumn) made with Merino wool to help keep feet cool and dry.
  • Must have a closure: Dr. Comfort® shoes all have closures like shoelaces, hook-and-loop or elastic no-tie laces. Many hook-and-loop closures are hidden under a faux buckle. Dr. Comfort® also just released a new style Peter (men’s) and Theresa (women’s) that has hidden hook-and-loop closures with the look of a lace up shoe.

Keeping the health and safety of customers in mind, Dr. Comfort® has taken additional measures in the construction of diabetic shoes:

  • Seamless toe boxes: Dr. Comfort® shoes do not have bumpy seams in the toe box of the shoes. This helps to reduce rubbing and pressure points on those sensitive feet.
  • Variety of styles and soles: Looking at our line of shoes, you’ll notice the vast array of styles and different types of soles available.
  • Customizable: Dr. Comfort® shoes are constructed to be customized if needed. We can add a lift, lengthen or shorten straps, add a rocker sole and do many more customizations to ensure the shoes meet the specific needs of the wearer. (These modifications are only available through a Dr. Comfort® provider.)

Dr. Comfort® shoes are truly designed with YOU in mind! Our shoes are primarily available through health care providers who specialize in foot health. Proper footwear can help prevent more serious complications for those at risk of diabetes. If you qualify, Medicare or other insurance plans may help cover the cost. Click here to find a footwear professional.

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