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  1. August – National Wellness Month

    Written by Erick Janisse, CO, CPed
    Dr. Comfort® Education Department

    National Wellness Month

    Sometimes…especially lately…it seems we’re doing all we can just to get through the day; just to survive.  But wouldn’t you like to thrive instead? Taking a little time each day to focus on your overall wellness can shift you from just surviving over to thriving – and enjoying life to the fullest.

    “Wellness” isn’t just a euphemism for “Exercise and lose weight, you couch potato!”  Not at all.  Wellness is primarily being in good physical health as well as being in a state of good mental health.  The two are intricately linked and trouble with one often causes trouble in the other. By the same token, improving one, often helps the other. There has been much research published that supports the fact that the better you feel physically, the better you’ll feel mentally – and the happier you’ll be.

    This doesn’t mean you have to set lofty (and often unattainable) goals like completing an Iron Man triathlon to commemorate your seventieth birthday.  Wellness means starting slowly - and doing things you find enjoyable.  Make it a point to take a walk three or four times a week.  Or, heck, every day!  It can be a walk around the block, a stroll in the park or a few laps at the track at the middle school. Doing it with a friend not only makes it more fun, but it helps to hold each of you accountable.  And don’t forget all of the comfy and supportive walking shoes that you can get from Dr. Comfort®.  For women, the Refresh, Spirit, Grace and Diane are great choices.  For the gentlemen, the Gordon, Endurance, Performance and Winner are just some of our excellent walking shoes styles.

    Take up an interesting new hobby.  Maybe you want to learn to cross-country ski or go snow-shoeing this winter.  Take horsemanship or even riding lessons (horses are good for the soul, too!).  Head out into the wilderness for some mild hiking and birdwatching.  Learn to play the drums – that’s a great cardio workout and super fun. There are all kinds of things out there that are good for your mind and body.

    Sign up for a cooking class and learn some delicious new healthy recipes that you can share with your friends and family.  Check your community centers.  Our local grocery store even has healthy cooking classes!

    Finally, if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t fret if you’re not losing weight as quickly as you’d like to - or even at all.  Research has shown that even just trying to lose weight (in earnest) leads to significantly better health!

    The contents of this blog were independently prepared and are for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily indicative of the views of any other party. Individual results may vary depending on a variety of patient-specific attributes and related factors.

  2. Compession Wear F.A.Q.

    Written by: Mallory Lor, C.Ped


    What is Compression Wear?

    Compression wear is used to help improve blood flow in the veins of your legs. Compression gives your legs a “hug”, so your veins don’t have to work as hard. The best compression wear has graduated compression, which means it’s built to the natural shape of your leg with the firmest compression at the ankle that reduces as it goes up your leg. All of Dr. Comfort’s® compression wear is designed as graduated compression with top quality materials and a large variety of fashionable designs.

    Who Should Wear Compression?

    Most people can benefit from compression wear. Here are some common reasons why people may use compression:

    • Sitting or standing for long periods of time
    • During pregnancy and postpartum
    • To help reduce swelling
    • While traveling on an airplane
    • To help with achy, tired feeling legs
    • To prevent DVT and embolisms

    If you have any serious medical conditions concerning arterial disease, please consult your physician before using compression.

    How Do I Know Which Type to Buy?

    Compression wear can come in different materials, compression levels, sizing and heights which can often make the purchase process confusing and overwhelming.

    Compression Levels: The biggest question people have about compression wear is how to know which level of compression they should buy. The amount of pressure compression wear provides is measured in mmHg. Here’s a simple guide to help you determine which level is best for you:

    Compression Level

    Compression Sizing: The best compression wear comes sized to your body measurements, not your shoe size. You will need a soft measuring tape or a piece of string that can be measured with a ruler. Dr. Comfort® also sells compression wear tape measures.

    • Ankle measurement: Measure the narrowest part of the ankle, above the ankle bone
    • Calf measurement: Measure the widest part of the calf
    • Thigh measurement (for thigh high and pantyhose): Measure the widest part of the thigh

    Compression Size Chart







    Tips: Measure early in the day when swelling will be at its lowest. If your measurements fall within two different size ranges, go with the larger size.

    Compression Heights: Should I get knee high, thigh high or pantyhose? This is usually a personal preference. Some may want knee high for everyday use and pantyhose for dressier occasions. Others may want the compression to go higher than just the knee and prefer to wear thigh highs or pantyhose as their everyday option.

    • Knee High: Most popular among all ages, available in many materials, patterns and colors
    • Thigh High: Most styles come with silicone grippers at the top to keep these in place
    • Pantyhose: Look just like nylons or tights but with all the benefits of compression

    Where Can I Buy Compression Wear?

    Dr. Comfort® sells compression wear through and offers free shipping. Much of Dr. Comfort’s® compression wear is made at our company owned manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA.

    Click here to look at what Dr. Comfort® has to offer.

    The contents of this blog were independently prepared and are for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily indicative of the views of any other party. Individual results may vary depending on a variety of patient-specific attributes and related factors.



    Written by: Brian Lane

    Because Footwear Matters

    In our lifetime we will walk over 200 million steps. Of course, footwear matters!  At Dr. Comfort, we know how important your feet are to your overall health. When your feet hurt, you can hurt all over. Creating various types of shoes to address different feet is our job. We want your feet to experience comfort while getting the support and structure you need!

    Wearing shoes not made for your feet can make problems worse. That is one of the reasons why Dr. Comfort offers full and half sizes with 3 available widths. It would be difficult to accommodate everyone’s foot by just one width or full sizes. Our sizes vary from a medium to an extra wide and we offer half sizes to ensure maximum fit!

    Dr. Comfort also offers a variety of different footwear for all walks of life! Many of our Lycra style shoes (Brian, Annie, Douglas, Carter…) have the ability to stretch without causing pressure or irritation to a bunion or during times of swelling. In addition, the Lycra material makes these shoes very breathable and lightweight.

    Are you staying active and need stability? Then let me introduce you to our stability outsole shoes---Gordon, Grace, Jack, Diane, Roger and Ruth. These styles have a dual density outsole for increased stability and support while walking. The durable outsole has an outflare for additional balance and these shoes style to go with their function!

    Another option is finding a shoe that is lighter in weight. We have several styles to offer! Try the Meghan, Katy, Chris or Jason as these shoes look good and feel great! They offer breathability and you will forget you have these shoes on your feet! Goodbye fatigue at the end of a long walk, these shoes are one of the reasons why “Comfort” is in our name!

    Whether you need the right size or need a shoe for your specific needs, Dr. Comfort has you covered!  The experience of designers and staff can help to fulfill your needs for your feet.

    The contents of this blog were independently prepared, and are for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily indicative of the views of any other party. Individual results may vary depending on a variety of patient-specific attributes and related factors.

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