Welcome Bluprint

We understand that style matters when it comes to shoes. But fit and comfort matter more in order to make sure you keep your feet healthy. And sometimes you have to sacrifice one over the other. However, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort over style.

Welcome BLUPRINT™!

Here at Dr. Comfort®, we want to provide you with comfortable shoes that help protect your feet and are functional as well as stylish. That’s why we’re excited to share that we are partnering with one of our family brands, BLUPRINT, to offer a new casual comfort footwear line by Dr. Comfort®.

BLUPRINT is a non-diabetic footwear line that is designed to promote total comfort and foot health. This new casual comfort line features a Cloud Imprint insole technology, thoughtful deconstruction, and a natural fit last. Inspired by today's feel-good movement and the momentum created by what we affectionately refer to as the comfort culture, BLUPRINT footwear adjusts to you, instead of the other way around.

Featuring both men's and women's footwear, BLUPRINT blends style and comfort. Check out some of the features:

  • NATURAL FIT: Anatomical Shape. Wider here, pulled there, supportive around this part, sculpted over in that spot - just like your feet
  • CLOUD IMPRINT: Insole technologies that form to the shape and needs of your feet - a uniquely personal fit yielding comfort and support
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: Materials and construction techniques that work together to add comfort, help reduce fatigue, and cushion every step
  • ASYM-HUG: Finely tuned design lines that shape to fit - delivering warm, full-body hugs for feet and ankles
  • THOUGHTFUL DECONSTRUCTION: Designed to connect with you - simple shapes, no unnecessary reinforcements that negatively impact fit or foam that makes your feet hot
  • CRYSTAL: Just like crystal, this highly specialized soft and comfortable, yet durable, outsole compound is translucent with a faceted surface texture. Non-marking, lightweight and grippy

Take a look at a few options from BLUPRINT by Dr. Comfort®

La Costa Knit

The La Costa Knit is a versatile all-around sports trainer capable of taking you for a run/walk with the dog as easily as it can guide you through a workout at the gym or running errands around town. The breathable knit material delivers a sock-like fit made of soft, flexible yarns that help to improve comfort and performance.

Available in both Men’s and Women’s
Colors may vary.


A slip-on that belongs in every woman's wardrobe, the Stinson is one of a kind. This fun shoe helps you look great and feel confident with a style that keeps you cool all day long.

Available in Women’s
Colors may vary.


Delivering a classic and casual look combined with comfort, the BLUPRINT Cardiff Thong Sandal is designed with arch support, fit and cushioning.

Available in Men’s
Colors may vary.

BLUPRINT offers a thoughtful range of versatile footwear styles to satisfy your everyday needs. Whether at home or traveling, at work or play, from town to country and all points in between, there’s a shoe for you.

Shop around and check out the BLUPRINT collection!

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