At Dr. Comfort®, we believe in comfortable, quality footwear. That’s why we use high-quality material and construct shoes to help provide comfort to your feet. Whether you’re looking for a casual shoe for work, something dressy for a special occasion, or something to wear during activity or to run around town, we’ve got a shoe for you.

We could go on all day about our shoes, but instead, we are going to share some of the things you’ve had to say about our shoes. Based on the reviews and top-selling shoes, we’ve pulled the top women’s and top men’s shoes for you.

Top Dr. Comfort® Shoe Picks

Athletic Shoes 

Men’s: Performance
5 Stars


Whether you need a cross-trainer or everyday casual shoe, the Performance offers excellent foot protection and all-day comfort.

Best of everything
Overall 100%

“My very first Dr. Comfort® shoes and will definitely not be my last. Black/Gray Performance sneakers because of diabetes. I have just finished an eight-hour day on my feet and my feet feel as though I have worked standing about an hour. From now on it will be Dr. Comfort® footwear for myself. Love the design and comfort of these shoes. I was wearing shoes I received from the VA hospital but just like the choices/styles to choose from spray bypassed VA and went local with Medicare. Can't say enough great things about these shoes. Get a pair ASAP.” - Review by Don. Posted on 2/13/18

Women’s: Refresh
4 Stars


Whether you need a cross-trainer or everyday casual shoe, the Refresh offers foot protection and comfort for your daily needs.

Most comfortable ever!!
Overall 100%

“Love love love this shoe!! Easy on easy off, so very comfy, perfect fit, and very well made. I haven't missed a day of wearing them since a year ago when I first got them; they look almost new. I'm ready to order another pair.” - Review by jacs1. Posted on 3/25/18


Men’s: Ranger
4 Stars

Ranger boot

Casual, sturdy and stylish for work, rugged enough for all your outdoor adventures. The Ranger is a light hiking boot with durable construction.

Best boots ever
Overall 100%

“I got these through the VA system and Wright Filipus. Orthotics inserts and these boots allow me to walk again without a brace. Have had them for 2 years and still like new. Got another pair from the VA and Ordered a pair on sale from Dr. Comfort®. WOW!” - Review by Bob. Posted on 12/17/17

Women’s: Vigor
4.5 Stars


The iconic work boot has been reinvented. Rugged enough for all your outdoor adventures, yet sturdy, casual and stylish for work, the Dr. Comfort® Vigor is a comfortable hiking boot delivering stability and comfort.

Great boot!!
Overall 100%

“I now own 2 pairs! Great for work feet don't hurt. Hiking is better when you replace laces...that's why 2 pairs.” - Review by Lexie OH. Posted on 3/1/18


Men’s: Scott
5 Stars

Scott Shoe

A stylish, lightweight, moccasin slip-on shoe provides comfort, detailed stitching and arch support. The Scott is an ideal shoe to wear for casual or dressy occasions.

Would recommend these to anyone
Overall 100%

"I suffer from moderately severe peripheral neuropathy and had trouble walking in any of the shoes I owned before I had my onset earlier this year. My podiatrist recommended Dr. Comfort® shoes and I chose the Scott model since it looked both comfortable and fairly stylish. What a difference it has made. I am now walking up to 8 miles per day with my dogs (who are no doubt happier creatures too) and only have sore feet rather than burning, tingling and downright agonizing feet. I am 33 years of age and wear a pretty contemporary style of clothing and these shoes fit just fine, but would also go well with a more conservative look. The Velcro band is sort of hard to hide if you wear slim/straight fit pants, but they are not hideous enough to make that a deterrent for me. All in all, a five cloud experience for me and I would gladly recommend these shoes to anyone." - Review by Jonas. Posted on 7/28/17

Women’s: Breeze
5 Stars


Step out in style without compromising comfort. Casual and comfortable, the Dr. Comfort® Breeze is a great sandal to add to your wardrobe.

Pain-free Feet
Overall 100%

“Finding shoes that keep my feet cool in summer is nigh on impossible. I can't wear sandals because they don't provide enough support. I end up with severe knee pain (osteonecrotic knees) and plantar fasciitis. Wearing shoes in summer makes my feet too hot and I end up with burning from my neuropathy. This last summer I went on a hunt for a shoe that would keep my feet cool so that my feet would burn, provide enough support so that I wouldn't develop plantar fasciitis or knee pain and be loose enough in the toe box so that I would be in agony from the neuropathies. The Breeze fits all those criteria. For the first time in years, I had pain-free feet and hips despite walking 6 to 8 miles per day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these shoes.” - Review by Anonymous. Posted on 8/3/17


Men’s: Wing
5 Stars


A classic style built for comfort and versatility. Beautifully crafted, the Dr. Comfort® Wing is a revamped, modern-day dress shoe.

Holding up well
Overall 100%

“I've had a pair of wings now for a year. Use them for dress up events. They are very comfortable and are holding up very well.” - Review by Pete. Posted on 7/25/17

Women’s: Paradise
5 Stars


A timeless style meets luxurious comfort. Crafted with beautiful details and rich finishes, the Paradise is an American classic Mary Jane that’s always in fashion.

Overall 100%

“I have bought this style in Pewter and Tan and have received many compliments on these shoes. I absolutely love them. Dr. Comfort® shoes are extremely well made and built to last.” - Review by Kasi. Posted on 3/27/18


Men’s: Connor
No reviews yet. Top Men's Sandal seller.

Connor Sandal

You don’t need to be a beach bum to wear these sandals. Lightweight and comfortable, the Connor slip-on sandal has built-in biomechanics for the barefoot enthusiast. Features include dual density midsole, integrated post and shank, and comfort cushioned footbed—with true arch support.

Women’s: Shannon
4.5 Stars


For a quick summer look, slip on the Shannon sandal. These flip-flops can pair well with a day dress or your favorite pair of jeans. Features include dual density midsole, integrated post and shank, and comfort cushioned footbed—with true arch support.

My 3rd Pair
Overall 100%

“I absolutely love these flip flops! I’m ordering my 3rd pair, they each have lasted more than a year, but don’t always still look that spiffy after a year! Lol, they make my feet feel SO great! I wish they came in a narrower width, and I’m waiting to find them in light blue?” - Review by Mindy. Posted on3/20/18


Men’s: Relax
5 Stars


Whether walking around the house or relaxing with a good book, slip your feet into plush comfort. With soft, fleece lining and microfiber uppers, the Dr. Comfort® Relax men’s diabetic slipper delivers warmth and comfort.

Buying a second pair!
Overall 100%

I received my first pair of Relax for this Christmas. I am a diabetic and have always used a lined slipper from that major New England Outfitter for simpler clothes. THIS Relax simply is so much better that I am getting a second pair for our vacation home also. Finding them again online has been a very good thing. I am a long-term diabetic and have to wear shoes all of the time. I shattered one of my second toes barefoot and it was a wake-up call as I nearly started that loss of limbs thing. I am also looking at their lineup of regular shoes as well now.” - Review by Paul. Posted on 8/1/17

Women’s: Cozy
5 Stars


Pamper your feet with top-quality microfiber uppers and luxe fleece lining that takes softness to a whole new level. The Dr. Comfort® Cozy is a diabetic-friendly women’s therapeutic slipper with Dr. Comfort® Gel inserts for cushiony comfort.

Definitely a 5
Overall 100%

“Sorry forgot to rate them I give them a 5.” - Review by Traci. Posted on 7/25/17


Men’s: Carter
No reviews yet. Top Men's Washable seller.


Transition from day to night in these easy-to-maintain, casual shoes. Durable and machine washable, the Dr. Comfort® Carter is a versatile, go-anywhere men’s shoe that features excellent foot protection.

Women’s: Marla
5 Stars

Marla Shoe

Easy-to-maintain, the Dr. Comfort® Marla is a versatile, go-anywhere women’s casual shoe that delivers comfort and foot protection in a machine washable shoe.

Overall 100%

“A great shoe for my mom, 93 years old with adema in both legs. This shoe gives her support. Mom does not use the insole as she needs the room for her ankle. She loves the velcro. they are washable but they have not been washed yet. We have tried many many many shoes but this is the best we have found!!” Review by Deb. Posted on3/6/18


Men’s: Winner X
No reviews yet. Top Men's Double Depth seller.

Winner X Double Depth

Finally, a double-depth shoe for active men. Built a ¼ inch deeper, the Winner X is a full top-grain leather athletic shoe with a unique arch stabilizer delivering extra support and stability.

Note: The Winner X is a ¼ inch deeper than the Winner Plus which is a lace-up shoe and the Winner which is a loop and closure shoe.

Women’s: Refresh X
5 Stars

Refresh X

Give your exercise routine an extra boost of energy with the Refresh X. Designed as a high-performance, double-depth shoe, the Dr. Comfort® Refresh X is a versatile and stylish cross-trainer that’s made with full-grain top leather for durability and comfort.

Note: The Refresh X is built a ¼ inch deeper than the Refresh.

Great shoe
Overall 100%

“Best wide shoe!” - Review by Tina. Posted on 11/26/17

Not seeing your favorite pair of Dr. Comfort® shoes on the list? Think your pair of Paradises lives up to their name? Do your Boss’ make you feel, well, like a boss? Submit your review and let us know what you think!

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