American Diabetes Association® and Dr. Comfort® Team Up

The American Diabetes Association announces a new partnership to advance consumer resources for successful foot care

The American Diabetes Association® (ADA), the nation’s leading volunteer health organization, announced a new partnership with Dr. Comfort, to provide foot care resources on an ADA platform in a journey-driven experience for those living with diabetes and their caregivers.

Dr. Comfort is the national sponsor of Living with Diabetes: Foot Care & Amputation. The Foot Care & Amputation section of the platform leads each user to learn to care for their feet, understand foot conditions and complications, ways to stay physically active, and more. Individuals living with diabetes and their caregivers can access this platform by answering a few simple questions to help guide them on their journey to reach the tools, resources, and education they need for successful foot care.

Every four minutes in America, a limb is amputated due to diabetes. This statistic is even more shocking when you consider that amputation is almost completely preventable. Education and resources are vital for those living with diabetes and this partnership will help arm millions of people with the information they need to prevent foot care complications.

“The ADA is working hard to help the over 34 million Americans with diabetes deal with and overcome the unique health complications they face on a daily basis such as foot complications. Through this personalized diabetes journey experience, we hope to meet them where they are to deliver the resources and education they need to thrive,” said Jacqueline Sebany, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer for the American Diabetes Association.

The journey was developed to deliver information to those living with diabetes based on self-identified need and interest, as well as where they are in their diabetes journey.

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“Dr. Comfort is proud to continue to be at the forefront of helping people with diabetes live fuller lives through our partnership with the ADA.” – Raj Subramonian, SVP/GM Dr. Comfort