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Healthy feet begin with a proper fit.

Poorly fitting shoes can contribute to foot health issues especially for those struggling with the symptoms of diabetes. Conditions like neuropathy (foot numbness) can quickly turn small cuts, blisters, or sores caused by the improper fit of your shoes into bigger issues—and can even lead to amputation.

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60% of no-trama foot amputations invlive diabetes

Image of shoe cut in half with feature callouts (listed below)

  1. Extra depth options
  2. Extra wide widths
  3. Easy on/off closures
  1. Large toe box
  2. Custom orthotics available

Built with you in mind

Straight out of the box, Dr. Comfort® offers a number of design features and technologies to help those struggling with foot health get the comfort they need. To experience the full range of benefits the Dr. Comfort brand offers, we recommend you visit a podiatrist. They will work directly with us to customize your footwear to the unique shape of your foot and the conditions you may struggle with.

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Rx SymbolMedicare can help

You may be eligible to have Medicare help cover the cost of your Dr. Comfort® footwear. Medicare and supplemental insurance may reimburse part or all of the cost of Dr. Comfort shoes and prescription inserts for diabetics who meet a certain criteria. A qualified health professional can determine if you are eligible.

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Coverage is for anyone with Medicare Part B (or other qualified insurance) who has diabetes, has appropriate documentation from a qualified physician, and:

  • Previous amputation of the foot, or part of either foot
  • History of ulcers
  • History of pre-ulcerative calluses
  • Diabetic neuropathy with evidence of callus formation
  • Foot deformity
  • Poor blood circulation

Consult a qualified expert or Medicare program representative for more details.

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