Winterize Your Boots

Whether it’s water, dirt or snow, winter is hard on your shoes—especially your boots.

Boots are great to wear in cold weather because of their durable rubber sole which helps prevent slippage on wet or icy surfaces. However, because they are worn and trekked through wet, dirty terrain, they tend to wear more easily. And while leather boots are stylish, if left damp and untreated, moisture can seep inside your shoe affecting the inside of the boot and can leave your foot cold and wet.

To winterize your favorite boots, and protect your feet from getting cold and wet, here are a few recommendations.

Clean Off Any Salt

If you live in a snowy area, then you’re bound to get salt and dirt on your boots. Salt helps melt ice on the concrete and helps prevent slippage on the slick pavement. While the salt is for an extra grip when walking, it can harm the leather of your boots. We recommend you use a damp cloth to wipe away any salt and dirt.

Use a Cleaning & Conditioning Crème

After you wipe away salt or dirt, then use a conditioning crème. Apply the crème with a clean, dry cloth and work it into the leather. Buff or brush out to provide a fresh finish.

Dry Your Boots

If your boots are soaked, take them off and stuff them with newspaper or a rag to soak up the wetness. This technique will help the shoes dry, and you won’t be uncomfortable in wet boots.

Protect Your Boot

While our boots do have a leather cleaner/water repellent added to them, you can help keep your boot dry with the help of an additional repellent. Consider a leather oil protector for leather boots and a fabric protector for suede boots to help repel water and help block dirt stains.

These winterizing tips can help protect the boot’s material and help keep your feet dry and warm.

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