Caring for Your Dr. Comfort® Shoes

Not all shoes are created the same, therefore you can’t treat them the same. Caring for a stretch Lycra® shoe is not the same as a leather shoe. However, each shoe needs proper care and maintenance. Properly cleaning your shoes can help prevent damage to your footwear and help keep them lasting a little longer. From athletic and sandals to casual and dress, here’s how to care for your Dr. Comfort® shoes.

How to Care for Dr. Comfort® Shoes

Material: Leather and Mesh/Stretch Lycra® and Leather

With a washcloth, use a small amount of mild soap, Woolite, and water.  Then, allow the shoe to air dry. You can use a baby wipe if your shoe has first been sprayed with a fabric protector. Remember, do not machine wash your shoes.

Material: Suede Leather

To clean suede leather shoes, like the Cara, use a small suede brush. Gently use the suede brush to work away any dirt. Do not use shoe polish or immerse the suede shoes in water.

Material: Leather

If your shoes are dirty, we suggest that you first clean them with a damp cloth. Then use a cleaning and conditioning crème for the leather shoes. Simply apply the crème with a clean dry cloth and work it into the leather. Buff or brush out to provide a fresh finish. If needed, a colored shoe crème may also be used.

Material: Microfiber and Fleece

To clean microfiber and fleece shoes, hand wash gently with warm water and mild soap. Allow the shoes to air dry. It’s not recommended to use a washing machine or dryer.

Material: Lycra®

Note: Washable Collection

To clean shoes designed with Lycra®, first, remove the insets (those should be hand washed). Next, close the contact closure straps and wipe away any mud or dirt with a damp cloth. Then, machine wash shoes in cold water and on normal cycle using a mild detergent. Only air dry the shoes—do not tumble dry.

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