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Here at Dr. Comfort®, our goal is to help make life easier for people living with diabetes and other conditions affecting the feet.

That’s why we launched our blog. A place where you can find all sorts of information to help you improve your lifestyle, whether it’s discovering new products or learning more about foot health.

What you’ll find here on our blog are lifestyle tips, fashion and footwear suggestions, product updates, Medicare education, and more.

Footwear and Product Updates

You'll discover a broad range of content about diabetic shoes for any occasion, prescription and non-prescription inserts, diabetic socks, slippers, sandals, compression hosiery and more. When you’re living with diabetes or any other discomforting foot health conditions, we want to help you live more comfortably with high-quality, supportive footwear. So, check out reviews, shoe updates, insert info, sock details, and care tips.

Lifestyle Tips and Education

Of course, we love shoes. But, we also love helping people improve their lives who are affected by diabetes and other foot health conditions. From questions to ask your doctors, health checklists, dealing with season changes, and at-home care advice, we’re here to help deliver informative information as well as advice that can help manage discomfort.

We continuously strive to deliver high-quality products and information. We hope you enjoy the content you find on our blog. If there’s something you want to more about, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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