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BluPrint Comfort FAQs

Are the Bluprint shoes diabetic shoes?

Bluprint shoes are NOT diabetic shoes.

Will my Dr. Comfort inserts fit into these shoes? Will the Bluprint inserts fit into my Dr. Comfort shoes? Can I trim the inserts to fit other shoes?

The standard inserts provided with Bluprint shoes can be trimmed to accommodate a different toe shape. The heel cup is on the narrow side, but should fit within most shoes.

Are Bluprint shoes non-slip?

Bluprint shoes are constructed with two types of outsoles, compression molded rubber and natural crepe rubber. The natural crepe rubber soles are very soft and will provide slip resistance on most surfaces. The low profile tread design of our soles provides high surface area contact which helps for improved slip resistance.

Are Bluprint shoes going to leave skid marks on my floor?

Skid marks is an attribute of the amount of Carbon Black filler used within the rubber of an outsole. Bluprint shoes are designed with little to no Carbon Black filler and thus should leave minimal to no skid marks.

What materials are in each style of shoe?

This depends on a particular style. Generally speaking, the soles will be rubber/plastic, the uppers will be textile, leather, or man-made synthetic, and the linings will be textile or leather.

What are the soles made of?

Depending on a particular style, the tread surface of all Bluprint footwear is composed of compression molded rubber or natural crepe rubber.

Do the products contain latex?

Bluprint footwear is not made with natural rubber latex.

Do these shoes have good arch support?

Standard issue insoles provided with Bluprint products contain a raised arch surface area intended for support. The level of support is dependent on the wearers arch type.

How much do the shoes weigh?

Style dependent, but fall within weight ranges of comparable products.

Where are they made?

All of Bluprint products are made in China.

Can I order more inserts for the shoes, not the Cloud Imprint HD insoles?

The standard Cloud Imprint insoles that come with the Bluprint shoes are not available for sale individually.

How do I clean the shoes? Can I put the shoes in the washing machine?

To clean our products, we recommend you wipe with a damp cloth and air dry under indirect sunlight. We DO NOT recommend the following: Submerging in water or using solvents to clean products, Exposing products to extreme temperatures, Commercial dry cleaning or home wash/dry laundry machines.

My inserts smell, how do I clean them?

In the event that you do find your inserts have taken on an odor, we recommend giving the inserts a good scrub with a mild soap diluted in warm water. Be sure to let your inserts air dry naturally. Do not place them near a heat source or in direct sunlight.

Do you have extra shoe laces, mine broke?

We do not offer shoe laces for sale individually. Please refer to our return policy.

Do the shoes run big/small?

Please refer to the product detail page of each style for fitting notes.