Video Tutorials

View our video tutorials, then complete the corresponding online fitting quiz to get certified.

For the Technical Fitting Quiz, please view the following videos: Proper Shoe Fitting, Heat Moldable Insert, Foam Impression Casting, and Heel Slippage Videos. After successful completion, you will receive an email confirmation with the certificate of completion.

For the Advanced Fitting Quiz, please view the following videos: Foot Assessment, Dispensing and Follow-up, Dr. Comfort Socks, Compression Fitting, and Custom Insert Videos. Once your quiz has been processed, Dr. Comfort will send you an Advanced Technical Shoe Fitting certificate.

Measuring and Fitting

In this video we describe the proper method of measuring and fitting patients.

Heat Moldable Inserts

Learn about heat moldable inserts from Dr. Comfort and how to prepare them for your patient.

Heel Slippage and Blue Filler Inserts

Discusses heel slippage and common fitting issues solved with blue fillers.

Foam Impression Casting

See how to take the foam impressions Dr. Comfort uses when a patients require custom, accommodating inserts.

*As of 1/1/19 there are 2 billing codes for custom diabetic inserts—A5513 and A5514.
More information can be found by visiting the American Orthotic Prosthetic Association website - HCPCS Code Changes for 2019.

Foot Assessment

How to properly assess a patient’s foot.

Dispensing and Follow Up

How to dispense and follow up with patients.

Dr. Comfort Socks

Learn more about the benefits and characteristics of Dr. Comfort Socks.

Dr. Comfort Compression Hosiery & Fitting

How to properly fit compression hosiery.

Custom Inserts Building Process

Learn about how custom inserts are made when you send in your foam impressions.

Proper Shoe Fitting

Learn how to use a bannock device to measure feet and properly fit your patients for Dr. Comfort footwear.